IT maintenance services

If you frequently encounter hardware or software problems – the computer does not work, the printer is out of ink or toner , the program constantly “hangs ” , the computer will not go on a network or network ” is lost “, the drive ( DVD , CD ) does not read discs etc. . , computers “got” viruses or other malicious programs , then you can trust us, we will help you . The problem will be solved by calling us and telling the problem . In the short term, our specialist will solve your problems , restoring normal computer’s working ability . Our specialists have many years of experience in the sphere of hardware maintenance , and you can be sure your hardware will be working again.   Our experts will advise you in advance about potential problems with the computer and solve them .

Our specialists perform the following tasks:

  • Operative computer recovery ( after the system or program crashes , hardware malfunction , computer viruses , etc.).
  • Computer and peripheral  optimization , drivers and applications installing and configuring
  • Data backup
  • Computer preventive maintenance
  • A new computer installation and connection , as well as the existing computer and peripherals ( monitors, printers , scanners , modems , network cards , CD drives , hard drives , floppy drives  etc.)
  • Software installation and updating  ( operating systems, antivirus programs , office packages , accounting software , graphics programs, specialized programs, etc.).
  • Computer upgrade
  • Computer post-warranty repair
  • Computer сonnectionto the Internet, connection method, choosing the Internet service provider consultations
  • Hardware utilization efficiency improvement and optimization consultations
  • Сonsultations on choice and purchase of new hardware
  • Computer user support and consultation
  • Remote maintenance
  • Server and workstation maintenance in the customer’s office
  • Backup configuration and monitoring
  • Equipment and service work injury prevention


  • Corporate IT service
    45 EUR/h

  • IT network services
    45 EUR/h

  • Computer cleaning
    35 EUR

  • Data recovery
    no 70 EUR