Web development

A website is your company’s main calling card. It serves not only as a source of information, but also gives a visual representation of you. That is why we will make sure the website design is attractive and designed according to your company’s image, as well as the websites functionality would be suitable for the field you’re working in. Combining both of these things, you will leave the right impression to the outside world.

We offer to develop individual designs or to prepare a high-quality design projects, form which, you will be able to choose the one that suits you the best. The unique design also requires a strategic vision, which is why we provide a responsive website design that adapts to any device screen. For us, the same way as you, it is important that the developed website is attractive, manageable and easily optimized.

Online shop or e-shop is an effective tool to ensure the success of your business activity. It must be user-friendly to the administration, as well as easily manageable and transparent to the prospective buyer.

We will make sure your online shop works quickly, smoothly, ensures easy entry of goods, has an easy to understand payment system and most importantly – developed with and attractive design.

Thanks to our expert’s professionalism and experience, we will help you to create any complexity’s web store. It will be a modern store, suitable for the trade of any goods and services, delighting your customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping!

In order to improve the websites or online shop’s activities, you will need an SEO or internet search engine optimization. SEO optimization has become an integral part of today’s marketing strategies. Optimizing websites content and keywords, you will ensure an effective potential customers addressing within the most popular internet search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

SEO optimization is a investment in your company’s development!


Web-site development

The price of a high-quality, professional and easy-to-use web page depends on how much work and time is required to create it. Development time is starting from 2 weeks.

This service includes:

  • professional web design
  • content management system (CMS)
  • contact form
  • photo gallery
  • visitor statistics
  • the development of functionality of different complexity
  • web-site configuration/publication on your server

Online shops and e-commerce solutions

Using the online shop page, it will allow you to organize sales through the Internet and expand the market for the sale of goods. On this page you can get a detailed description of goods and services, and place an order. Development time is starting from 2 weeks.

This service includes:

  • content management system (CMS)
  • the development of functionality of different complexity, such as importing products from several vendors (offering several solutions including importing XML files)
  • professional page design (uniquely designed or template)
  • visitor statistics
  • catalog of goods and product filtration
  • payment gateway integration
  • product export to Salidzini.lv and Kurpirkt.lv systems

Analysis of site efficiency

In order to make the site work well and rank higher in the Google search engine, we recommend that you also use website efficiency analysis. We offer a technical and executive audit to improve the efficiency of the website, which will help you find out why the page is slow, whether the page code meets standards, whether there are any security risks, and to clarify any other security issues of the website.


Hosting and maintenance

We suggest placing web-site on our hosting, analyzing and providing the most optimal solution.

  • Web-hosting + 5 e-mails – 3.50 euros per month
  • virtual private server (VPS) – from 30 euros per month

Unlike the general web-hosting, where different client sites are hosted on the same server, VPS hosting provides individual administrative access through a distributed channel. Our web-hosting is pre-configured with backing up system and is provided in accordance with generally accepted security procedures, and with VPS hosting the page is hosted in a dedicated virtual server environment, the sites of other clients do not affect it, and its processing power can be quickly changed by increasing or decreasing. Choosing the right hosting service, it will not only significantly increases the speed of page loading, but also improve SEO.